Monday, December 31, 2007

Ol' years 2007

It's Ol' Years Day here in T&T, or New Year's Eve to you foreign people.

Anyways, i usually spend this day doing reflections of the year past, and trying to figure out what i want to accomplish in the next year. Back when i was in school this was easy: yuh know, get good grades, get a good job, make more friends...etc, etc.

As i've gotten older, it's become a little difficult for me to reflect. I DON'T like reflecting on the year gone by. Mainly because when i put up a mirror to the past 365-odd days I feel as though i've failed myself. Then i get depressed, and down and that is not how i want to begin the New Year.

2007: was not one of my better years. I've made new friends, lost at least one (maybe more) friends who i thought were close friends but it turned out otherwise...this hurt and hirt a lot. I've become closer friends with a couple people that i didn't realise had my back. I love you guys more than you would ever know. I've become more independent, haven't yet moved out of the family home, but that's more a matter of finances than anything else. I've realised how much i will and won't tolerate, and i have a firm believer in family, my faith (though i'm working on the practising part of this) and close friends.

To me loyalty, trust, dependability, respect and honesty are non-negotiable aspects of a relationship. Once they are violated, they are almost impossible to regain...especially the trust and honesty aspects.

I've always told close friends that i prefer to be single and happy than be unhappy in a relationship simply to say that i'm in a relationship. this has not changed, and quite frankly don't think it'll change anytime soon. I've never been submissive, never been docile, and despite my usually quiet and reserved manner I am very very opinionated. Soooo if i have to go against my true self to be in a relationship, then yuh know what " i'll continue being single"... sorry mom, there goes your grandkids expectations from me (yes i know being married is not a pre-req for having kids, but i'm a tad old-fashioned in that regard: if yuh can't stand each other why the heck r u gonna bring a little defenceless, dependent person into this world?!!!!)

So let's see:

  • i'm changing jobs in 2008.

  • playing mas for the 4th time

  • plan to resume further studies, and finish part one of it hopefully before October 2008

  • i also plan to get some travelling done this year: St. Lucia, Grenada?! maybe, we'll see.

  • ...oh and let's not forget: LOSE a minimum of 15lbs this year as well.

well Happy New Year people, and I hope you make some attainable resolutions/goals for 2008.


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