Saturday, May 02, 2009

REVLON Warehouse Sale...the Aftermath!

Let's see: We got there about 9.30am (yep I know, for a warehouse sale that was scheduled to start at 9am that was late) and saw a bunch of ladies (and a couple guys) standing about outside the gates. Inside looked like chaos! After about 15 mins or so, amid shouts and not so pleasant demands the gates opened and it was a mad rush.
There were signs but geez! It was stress and pressure to get to the front to see what was on the tables at all. Many people resorted to just picking up handfuls of items then stepping away and sorting. So after going thru the tables for face (why weren't there shades deeper than medium-deep?), lips, eyes, hair, skin and toiletries I reviewed my bag and headed to cash.

Cashing was an adventure all by itself.

One line devoted to cash sales only. About 6 lines for cash/linx/credit cards. And an express line for 1 to 10 items only. Sounds painless huh? There you would be soooooooo sooooooooooooo wrong. I was in line for almost 2 entire hours from 10:30 till I cashed at about 1pm…wait that’s more than 2 hrs! My bill for about 14 items inclusive of a body spray and body lotion was TT$307.

Summary: Next time, I reaching about an hour before the gates open. Will also work in tandem with someone so we’ll take turns in the line…one of us will join the line while it’s still short i.e. less than 20 people, while the other continue shops or sorts out.

Some suggestions for the organizers:


  • another entrance/exit is needed.
  • try for somewhere cooler or have those cool-air fans
  • distribute water…it would be appreciated


  • it was nice having clear signs for face, skin, lips etc. However it would be nice to have signs for the different lines in the various categories like color stay, Almay etc


  • More cashiers!!
  • More cashiers!!!
  • More cashiers!!!!


  • 2 people checking handbags, SORRY skimming the contents of handbags, at a sale like this is ludicrous. Be very very grateful that most trini women are honest, ‘cause it would have been ridiculously easy to slip a lipstick, a couple mascaras and a bottle of nailpolish in the inner pocket of a handbag or slip an item in a jeans pocket and walk out unnoticed.

    Would I go again? about 90% certain that I would.

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