Thursday, August 13, 2009

TRIBE 'Secret of Silk' price review

Ok ok, I'm late commenting on these prices.

Read Sauce's price list before going any further aight.
My forecasted average backline price was $3700, as stated in the previous post.

And checking average price I was actually higher than the average price...By my calculations Tribe's BL price (basic options, nothing added, small headpiece) comes in at $3635. Not bad, not bad at all. Well with d FL prices, I was waaaaaaaaaay waaaaaaaaaaay off, with only FL three sections (Osage, Lapis Lazuli and Zari) priced under $5000. NB:- a couple sections do not have a FL option...what going on with that?!

I do know that many people are absolutely agasht at the prices and some stating that they not playing etc, BUT putting all things in context I really think those prices could have been MUCH higher. I'm not stating that they're not high, they are doh get me wrong, but considering that TRIBE kept prices more or less unchanged for 2 years straight then it just makes business sense that they would have increased their prices somewhat to compensate for what would have amounted to a year of less than normal profits.

  • Sooo, will I register or not? Well I defintely am/will whatever (if pre-registration works, why not use it eh!)
  • Will I have company? At least two friends will be registering, not sure if in the same section...but that's irrelevant!
Now to make sure that my a$$ is in that gym as often as possible between now and February 2010.

I plan to pay off that costume by year end ...doh want that going over into 2010.

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