Friday, January 01, 2010

Welcome 2010!!

Happy Happy New Year folks :-) All for best for 2010, and may 2010 be all that you desire.

Onto other things: Sauce ended 2009 with a nice recap and interesting predictions...wonder how many of her predictions, and those of the commenters, come through. Only time will tell.

So it's just about six(6) weeks till Carnival 2010...Are you ready???


mimi said...

lol shells u took my happy new yyear pic!! lol it is a cute pic though! anyway happy new year to u and hope u have a great year!

shells said...

I did? You have this as well? Damn, damn...My apologies for infringing then.

Happy New Year to you and the other addicts :-)

mimi said...

lmao! it can't be help the picture just too cute with the lil starts n thing