Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Happenings for T&T's 2011 Carnival

Much has happened since my last post.

  • A couple other bands have launched: D' KreweLegacy and others. (Check Saucy's blog for more links.)
  • BLISS has finally indicated that they're fully sold out
  • There apparently are male costumes STILL available in YUMA 
  • IP is selling out... slowly but steadily. BTW Lunar Cycle - Male Captain option is sold out ok! (...yes ah waiting to see which body  is rocking that costume!!)

IP - Lunar Cycle (Male Captain)
  • Oasis has at least one sold out option (Gilia Frontline)
  • ..and Harts being Harts has quite a bit of sections sold out, or options sold out, including this number that was sooooo NOT my personal fave 

Harts - Goldstone
  • Then came news of a stage  - backflips and happy dances all over the place! ....looking forward to parading across that stage again :-)
  • and then to top it off a proposed "People's Band". I've commented on Sauce's post about this proposed free-for-all, but for the benefit of all I'll post my comment here "...uhmm just bring yuh costume and come...." First off I would say not a bad concept. However as some others mentioned before, who's dealing with the logistics of this? Who's the DJ? (Ah hope some form of tendering process is involved and is not somebody tanty, cousin, friend!) How would you know who in this band or not? ('cause if i was a band leader I would want to know so I could NOT be behind this band!...yuh could imagine chaos when dis band hit d stage...ah getting flashbacks of Poison and the 'sit-in'!!!)Sooo, I await the details of this 'Peoples Band'
Many things have happened...and I guess more will unfold as we get closer to T&T Carnival 2011.

Stay tuned...d bacchanal now start!

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