Friday, January 28, 2011

January 2011 Wrap Up

What a month!
January is notorious for being the month when most people refrain from spending money...folks usually scrape and somehow hold on till January's pay day after getting paid early in December and having to last at least 5 weeks on salary that is usually budgetted to only(barely) cover 4 weeks. And yes folks, those 7 extra days can be painful and tight!

So what's been different for January 2011? Plenty.

  • Trinis found $1000 to buy TRIBE season passes...all sold out now eh! They went on sale in December, so to be fair you could have purchased your pass then, or asked really nicely and gotten one for your Christmas gift :-)
  • Trinis also found WELL over the $150 stated price to party at TRIBE's Insane Cooler Experience. People were paying almost $1000 for entry to a cooler fete?! What madness...but wait, things get on!
  • Then came IP's Yeah (Amnesia rebranded?!). Prices started at $350 and $650. Last I heard tickets were selling at $500/$695 legitimately...and God alone knows what to scalpers.
  • and now we get to ONE fete. These tickets apparently started at $650 very very limited quantity at that price. Then it went to $700, and before yuh could blink $800 and $850 right after. Last night I heard that tickets now cost $1000...with scalpers selling tickets for $1200 to $1500. Scalpers on the Friday BEFORE the Sunday that the fete is supposed to take place mind you! Sooo people carrying yuh in the fete, pouring alcho down yuh throat, feeding yuh and using the bathroom fuh yuh after all dat or something??? Doh mean to be a lil gross but yuh talking $1200 for a single ticket, that's giving someone $400 profit...enough to go a cheaper all-inclusives/semi-inclusive .(Thanks for that album by the way Sauce!) 
My point after that little rant? With people showing their willingness to pay almost anything to attend a particular fete, what will fete prices start at for 2012?! 

*ok off my soapbox now*

On to better/happier news.
Got this in my inbox today. Similar to Sauce's BLISS update, but for TRIBE. 
The deadline for costume payments is Friday 4th Feb 2011. 
  • Online: Credit Card Only (VISA & Mastercard)
  • Mas Camp:  No cheques or credit cards accepted
Paying via Credit Card?  
Go to to login to your account. 
If you require your login information, please send the request to  
Our website is open for payments*, Monday - Friday, 5pm - 12 noon of the following day, and 24 hours on weekends and public holidays.
*Please note that ALL credit card transactions are billed in US$. The conversion amount will be determined by your bank or credit card provider at the time of billing. This amount will be reflected in your credit card statement. Some banks/credit card providers may charge an additional convenience fee.

After Friday 4th Feb:  Any outstanding balances can be paid during costume distribution at Cascadia Hotel
  • No cheques or credit cards will be accepted at distribution

Fast Track Costume Collection
To qualify for our Fast Track costume collection, your costume must be paid off in full prior to distribution.
Our costume distribution is scheduled to begin in late February.
The costume distribution schedule will be released via e-mail, newspapers, our website and our social media outlets by early February.
All masqueraders must present a picture ID to collect their costume.

There will be no costume transfers.
If you have purchased a costume from someone OR you are collecting a costume for someone, please ensure that you walk with:
  •  A letter signed by the costume owner authorizing you to collect.
  •  A copy of costume owner's picture ID.
Costumes will not be released to persons without these documents.

The deadline for Costume Delivery requests has been extended to this MONDAY 31st JANUARY.
If you would like to request the Costume Delivery Service, please send an email to with the subject "REQUEST DEL" by 5pm on Mon 31st Jan. This email must contain you delivery address and contact information.

Delivery Available to:
  • POS & environs - TT$150
  • Outside POS (East to Arima/South to San Fernando) - TT$200

If you have already requested and paid for the Costume Delivery Service, please send an email with the subject  "2011 COST DEL"  to confirm your delivery address and contact information.
Please Note: Costumes must be paid in full to qualify for this service


Empath said...

Trinidadians HADDA be mad in we a$$ yes to pay dem prices for fete tickets....den again I doh tell ppl how to spend their money, people cannot tell me how to spend mine.... so meh.....

I just wish that fetes could go back top a simpler time when all you needed was corn soup, doubles, bake sand shark and basic drinks and a BESS socsa performance and that barely topped $250.

Trinidad Carnival Diary said...

Oh gosh since I am no longer a TRIBER they stop sending me TRIBE emails! I only get for Bliss lol

Trinidad Carnival Diary said...

Oh gosh since I am no longer a TRIBER they stop sending me TRIBE emails! I only get for Bliss lol