Saturday, March 01, 2014

Carnival Season 2014

First post for as is obligatory "Happy New Year"!!!

I've not done much feting this Carnival season.
Also it's the first year in ever that i collected on the absolute LAST day of collection!
This year as well, I am feeling seriously unlike my usual well-prepared self.

Let's see:

  • Costume - check
  • Tuesday Boots - check
  • Wearing Monday - who knows?!!
  • Shoes for Monday - again...who knows?!
  • Bag - uhmmm nope
  • sunblock and vital supplies - again...nope
  • stockings - check
So, there's lots to secure tomorrow in order to get ready for the road Monday/Tuesday.

Otherwise the Carnival season has consisted of:
  • ONE Fete 
  • HNC's Vintage Fuh So!
  • Kerwin and Friends @ Zen
  • Soca in B Square
  • Army
  • Different
  • Caesar's Army AMbush
I am very happy and ultra hyped to be on the road, especially since I didn't play last year!
I'll do mini reviews of the events and the Carnival experience in subsequent posts.

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