Saturday, April 28, 2007


It's one of those things that happens to me from time to time.
My back acts in extreme exruciating agony.
It happens when I gain too much weight, combined with weeks of no exercise.

I am sooo paying for all my inactivity these days. Sooo i've been living on Advil and trying not to aggravate the pain by sitting badly or moving around too much.

The only thing is: to remedy the pain I need to lose some weight, i.e. exercise, which means invoking some pain on myself...grrr

So bright and early in the morning I'm gonna resume with some cardio, some light weight-training, and get back into the monitoring of my food intake.

Wish me luck...
oh and check out The Carnival weight-loss support group


Bretty said...

Good luck little Shelly :)

shells said...

thanks much B...
much luck is needed.