Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Diet concerns...

In recent years it's been suggested by many, that as a way of losing weight that one reduce the amount of calories that we eat.
I'm all for that, but i also belive that counting calories alone is not the way to go. It has to be balanced by exercise. Also i'm not one of those that belive that the calorie restriction that works for one would work for all.

so when i came across these articles, i was understandably a little disturbed.
Eating for Fewer Than One
Calorie Restriction, the Newest Eating Disorder
I did not realise that there are people out there who have taken the calorie-restriction to such lengths. It's unhealthy ( i think) and can only lead to problems (least of which is the loss of libido for men).
Our bodies are not meant to exist on such a little bit of food for any length of time...it'll think there's a famine and store everything that you eat as fat, with all the related problems that go along with that.

Moderation, moderation...that's key.


Bretty said...

Well, you know that I've written about weight loss before so you know my opinions on it.

Caloric restriction is a bit of a hot topic at the moment, but I can't help but think that while the investigation is a good thing (to ensure our understanding of what it does), it'll be shown to be very bad for you.

shells said...

yep i know and i'm very glad that you did.
This seems to be the way that many people go in their attempts at weight-loss and i was doing some digging.

..i tend to agree with you that it will prove to be bad for one's body.

Bretty said...

Maybe not... there is apparently a gene for it...


shells said...

well i'll still leave that for the few. i defintely know that it is not a natural thing for me :-)