Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Warning: This post contains ramblings, random thoughts and maybe a few off-the-wall comments

After years of putting it off, and thinking and re-thinking, and over-analysing, i've made up my mind (again) to take the plunge and commit to getting braces. I've had a consultation done already with DR E. It was not very positive. he says basically that i have an overbite (yep, knew that), my lower teeth have titlted outwards in an attempt to match my upper teeth (could have told him that myself), and that my top teeth are very strong and well-seated (this i didn't know), sooo he's not certain how they'll respond to treatment.
The pluses to his prognosis: i won't have to have extractions done (or too many) as i have space. My teeth are healthy, and he says it seems as though i'm committed to the idea.
The negatives: his estimated time for me to be in braces is at least 2 yrs, cost is approximately $15K to $30K depending on my choices of metal or cermic, in-front or behind-the-teeth.
i've gone for the consultation, had to put it on hold to remove my wisdom tooth (which required surgery), had a follow-up review. and now i have two appointments coming up for the xrays, and molds. these r for august and september (cause this Ortho has 2 practises)

this being the case, i;ve decided to do some checkinig around and get some 2nd opinions.

Going back to school ...nooo, not high-school people, UNIVERSITY or COLLEGE. and full-time. I've done the part-time thing already, and personally i do not think i'm cut out for that. So i want to resume my studies, thing is: in what?! What am i interested in enough to give up a full-time decent-paying job, to go back to school for? Do i want to study here? in the US? UK? where? do i apply for GRE/SAT? what? Post-Grad or another BSc??? questions, questions, questions? makes me feel quite scared sometimes.

Changing careers sigh few things make me feel more despondent than thinking of doing the same thing for the rest of my life. Then i think about my job, which currently defies description. I am never able to describe to someone non-IT what i do for a living. and honestly, these days i'm not very fond of my job...i'm not being challenged, there's minimal structure, no major objectives. i am not motivated to some to work, other than ensuring that i get paid at the end of the month. So i've been thinking about changing jobs. again

is it any wonder that i have problems sleeping these days?q

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