Friday, May 25, 2007

DVDs 'R us...

As a bonafide Trini, I would be lieing to myself and all of you out there if I said that I've never purchased/watched a pirate DVD. In fact it's close to impossible to avoid seeing them on sale (just drive down Chaguanas on evenings, or take a walk down Frederick Street, Port of Spain. You can get 'pirate' DVDs for anywhere from $10 to $20 depending on who yuh buying it from.

So when I came across this article Cinemas use night goggles to nab pirates I paused.
What happens if this is done in T&T? Plenty people will be quarelling. All dem fly by night DVD/movie/video stores that yuh see popping up in every street, and neighboorhood will be out of business. will help ensure there will be no more of you sitting down home, putting in your newly purchased DVD, and exclaiming "What d a$$?!!! d picture jumping, bobbing and weaving so". u would be assured that the movie would be shown as the producers/directors intended u to see it.

enjoy the weekend folks :)

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