Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Ramblings, etc...

Well, it's May 2007: 2 months since Carnival took place. This year I did not have such a good time on Carnival Monday and Tuesday. This had to do with some issues that occured with siblings and friends. Fallout from that included me making a decision to limit interraction with certain persons. Interestingly enough since then I have begun talking with some friends who I don't usually lime with that often. From this I have also realised that I have a tendency to ignore what would be good for me, in the interest of maintaining the status-quo and pleasing everybody.
No longer will I be doing that.
My new way of doing things will be to ensure that my feelings are not ignored...if necessary it may mean that I won't be liming that often. It has happened already, but it has had good results. The limes that I have been a part of are usually smaller ones, more conversation involved... minimal strained and uncomfortable silences. I like this.

Also, I had decided after playing mas this year that due to the treatment meted out to me as a masquerader by Island People, I will not be playing with them in 2008. I had a great time playing mas with them in 2006, my costume fit well this year, but the awful customer service, the way IP's management made masqueraders feel like 'beggars, looking for handouts' all helped me decide that I will play mas with TRIBE next year (God's willing)

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