Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Goals for the week...

I'm a member of the 'Carnival Biggest Loser' challenge weight-loss group. My aim is not so much weight-loss, as it it maintenance of my current weight, toning and maybe losing a couple vanity-pounds
So far, lots of advice has been posted regarding eating plans, exercise guidelines etc. This week the challenge is as follows:-
- Fasting for one day from dawn till dusk.
- Be mindful of PORTION SIZES.
- No eating after 8PM
It is when we make small changes, that they add up to BIG RESULTS!

Now I can handle most of the items listed, but the fasting for one day...now what will that accomplish? My body needs fuel, i'll become snappy, lethargic, in short not fun at all. So I will not be doing that one and add my own to the list i.e. 30 mins of cardio per day.

Will update on Saturday with how I did.

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