Monday, May 14, 2007


After reading this post What crazy looks like: Barbados weighs in I decided to go look see where T&T ranks. We're number 20... not good at all.
Not awful, but for a small country that's bad!!! We're higher up the bloddy list than countries like Italy, Portugal, Ireland, St. Vincent for crying out loud!!!
Trinbagonians...we need to improve our lifestyle.
And then i noticed yet another Burger King outlet has opened up. So our island now has 4 BK outlets, with the whooper, double whooper and the whammy triple-whooper.

I'm a recovering junk-food addict. There was a time that I could not go for more than 2 days without my fix, now maybe i can last a week or more. Sooo we need to cut out this junk stuff, get off our lazy butts and work out, change our eating habits.

My motivation is so that i won't have to go into hard-core training mode when Carnival comes around: What's yours?

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