Sunday, July 29, 2007


It's been a while since i've blogged.
So much to update, but it's all related to that last rant.

I still am in a not so good state of mind, as it relates to work.
And as to my social life...hmmnmmn that seems to have disappeared. I've been liming now and then with my friend P and a couple co-workers and my sis, but that's it. Haven't been attempting to expand my friend network.
BUT i've been spending lots and lots of time on Facebook This site is higly addictive, i've reached the stage of checking it at least once every couple days. Soo much happens there, and i've rekindled contact with people i haven't seen since primary school days, people i worked with ages's sooo cool.

Anyways, i went this very very cool restaurant Benihana in trincity mall. I wish i had taken my camera cause this is an experience. The chefs cook at your table, and put on a show while they're at it. This was the monthly (hopefully) Girls' Lime that i've been part of for a couple yrs now. It was the second one for the year, yep we've been delinquent. Anyways, twas 10 young ladies ranging in age from 33 to 25...fabulous. Post-dinner was at M's house, for a gabfest and a couple glasses of wine. (which makes me wonder what will happen when that Breathalyser comes in effect cause we were a lil buzzed by the time we left there). Post wine-lime was a vent session at JG's place. I've forgotten how healthy it is to vent to a girlfriend, i felt sooo very unburdened u JG.

So now it's Sunday, the weekend is at an end...TRIBE has launched, their website will be up and running on Wednesday August 1st 2007, tonnes of picks online...check 'em out
1. Triniscene
2. Saucy's Blog...check these entries for further info: TRIBE 2k8 Band Launch; More and More Pics; ...and finally a costume review
there's also some other bloggers with posts, like Carnival Jumbie for instance...

YAY, i'm sooo ready for Carnival 2008

Laters peoples

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