Friday, August 03, 2007

home on a friday ngiht..

its' 11:46am on a friday night.
This week was a 4-day work week in T&T, since Wednesday was Emancipation Day. It was the day chosen to commemorate the emancipation of slaves.

I was invited to two limes this week, one Tuesday night, and one Thursday night.
I turned down both invitations...or gently acknowledged but decline the invite.

Just didn't feel like being sociable.
Today was a bit of a bleh day, cause of work, but then CGB, LH and myself went for lunch @ Ruby Tuesday's in Grand Bazaar. Had oursleves a nice leisurely lunch. My mom emt me there and we went to Air Guard's nd Anniversary of their commisioning.
Niot bad...i ate (again), had one alcoholic beverage, and had to convince mom it was time to go.

All in all, not bad.

I also resumed gym attendance this week. I am the heaviest that i have ever weighed in my entire life. I don't knwo the actual number, i'm saying this based on how my clothes fit me. Almost everything is too tight, and then to top it off, my back has started acting up...a definte indicator that i am waaaay too heavy.

So it's back to my 4-to-5 day gym regimen, controlled diet. For my health, PLUS Carnival 2008 is just 5 months away (and those costumes r ridiculously skimpy, even skimpier than they were in previous years)


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