Friday, August 24, 2007

TRIBE open registration - Day 1 aftermath

As i wrote in Saucy's comments:
shells said...
well, my take on open registration day 1: left my office, picked up my sis and a friend, got to Cascadia around 5:40pm. Parked and then walked up a bit...only to see at very least 200-or so people already there. Seeing a couple friends under a tent I went over and enquired. Apparently people had been there from early, these were people who got there abound 3-ish and had number 29 in the line. Numbers had been given out to the first 100 person that had arrived, they were all sitting under a tent in the order of the number. The next 100 persons had also been given numbers. You were only allowed entry to register IF you had a number. Anyone who did not have a number were given numbers to return today (day 2).
Well, i went to work: called in major favours, asked a couple people to register my cousin and 2 friends, but then i decided to see if it was possible to register online. I called a friend and was able to guide him through over the phone to register my cousin. (one less to regiter in that line) friends who were in position 29 and 80-something were still in the line (not in the room) by the time i completed registering one person online... one friend who was there was registered by my friend who went in just around then. All this time messages were coming out: Water Nymph femal SOLD OUT, Sun Goddess SOLD OUT!! There was panic outside, people starting fussing.

We left around 7-ish, went to a friends office and registered the last person on our list online. Completed that in less than 20 minutes (DSL connection NOT dial-up)

Sooo, morale of the story: if at all possible register on-line, i.e. setup your Senvia account, be near a DSL or T1 line connection, registration will be painless.

7:17 AM

A friend, his bro and a couple gals r on their way to register as I speak. I wish them luck, and hope they get through.

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