Sunday, January 20, 2008

"Fixed Date" for T&T Carnival

So I was browsing the newspapers this weekend, and noticed an article about '...stakeholders wanting to make Trinidad and Tobago's Carnival a fixed date...' and that 'the shifting date often created problems for fixtures and other organisational headaches'

Now, that statement to me is one of absolute bs! Where, why, how did these so-called stakeholders come up with such a hare-brained idea?! Moving our Carnival would make it jsut like any other Carnival. One of the reason put forward, is that the head of Pan Trinbago (T&T's Pan organisation body) thinks that having a short season makes it difficult to organise pan sides, makes reheasals difficult etc. BUT the dates for Carnival are not a secret...anyone can find out the dates for Carnival, it's the two days prio to Ash Wednesday every year for the next millenia, and you can get a list of those dates form countless websites AND any Christian minister. As for the difficulties in organising, why is it so hard to organise a pan side, which consits of a probabaly a couple hundred players, and the people who organise mas bands catering for thousands have no problems?!
Makes me wonder about a certain somebody's organising skills

Anyways, I'll be monitoring this development...cause as far as I'm concerned, the mere fact that T&T's carnival is pegged to Ash Wednesday and NOT some arbitrarily picked date in the middle of the year, is what makes our Carnival so special.

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