Monday, January 28, 2008

TRIBE in the air!!!!

I'm playing in TRIBE's 2008 Carnival presentation "Myths and Magic", section Lady of the Lake to be precise.
Collected my costume on Thursday January 24th 2008, in less than half hour. Everthing fits, but being the person that I am, I'm gonna go get some precautionary hooks put onto my waistband to prevent any possible "wardrobe malfunctions"... a la Ms. Jackson @ that half-time show LOL

...and now, I ready, i ready, I ready, ready for mas again!!!
Oh Lawd, I am soooo ready for Carnival Monday and Tuesday.
My headpice: it lil big, but I love it. Didn't like it before, but it's gorgeous. such detail, such working, it looks fab.
The waistbad: wow, lots of detail. And I'll be making that great 'swishy' noise as I walk. My only issue here, is that piece of cloth hanging from the middle of the belt. It looks good, but me thinks this could cause some accidents for not too sober LAL female masqueraders on the road. Good Luck with this gals (I'm actually thinking of doing some modifications to it, just not sure what to do with it yet).
The bra: it's a bra people. Nice workings, but it's a bra...there's not much to it, and much of me is gonna be exposed.
Arm/Leg/Neck pieces: gots some cloth hanging around my forearms and elbows, and not too much of anything to dangle around my knees bothering me. Nice necklace/chocker type thing for my neck...nice. All good.

I freaking LOVE my costume...and as i said, much of me is exposed. My stomach isn't the flatest, my legas aren't the firmest, my arms aren't the most buff, but yuh know what?! I don't give a shit. That costume is all mine, paid off in full, and I'll be on the road on Carnival Monday and Tuesday 2008 in mih costume :) And to top it off: my section is at the FRONT OF THE BAND!!! Can u say jamishness!!! LOL

On another note, I've been hearing some not so good things about some of the other sections. Screwed up distribution dates, variances to what was advertised...geez!
But what's T&T Carnival without bacchanal.

Six days, and counting...YES!!!

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