Friday, February 22, 2008

Carnival 2008 Review

Well, Trinidad Carnival for 2008 has come and gone.
I played in TRIBE's presentation "Myths and Magic" and I had a ball. Still doesn't compare to the year I played in IP's Enchanted Forest in 2006, but it came damn close.

Couple things that I didn't like:-
1. Security got lax as the days wore on. What happened?
2. Why were some sections hustled past judging points? while others seemed to take forever to cross? Or was it just my perception?
3. What the hell went on with costume distribution for some sections? It seems to me that no matter what section, whether from core designers or not, if a date is indicated for costume pickup nothing short of a disaster should prevent those costumes from being delivered.

Read some horror stories about experiences in other bands and it's not nice to hear that. It's great though, to hear that IP improved their sh*t this year. gives me hope, cause I genrally LOVE IP's creativity (not this year's presentation though) and to me the ultimate band would be if it were possible to have IP's creativity and TRIBE's management applied to ONE band! That, I think would be a force to reckon with.
Saucy wrote on her blog, that there is a development for TRIBE 2009, where there could be two options for the band, an all-inclusive and a non-inclusive. This to me has both advantages and disadvantages. But, we'll see what develops..just remember TRIBE "you have now linked your name with quality and great management", please do NOT sacrifice it for profit.

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