Wednesday, October 08, 2008

It's been a loooong time

As the title says, long time no blog.
Been busy, with launches, studies, social-life (or lack thereof)

Anywhos, not gonna bore you too much... here's a quick update:

  • Attended band launches for TRIBE, Island People Mas and Elements
  • Officially registered to play mas for Carnival 2009 in TRIBE's "Birds of a Feather" presentation - "African Lovebird" section
  • Best of these launches (the fete) - Elements. TRIBE second, IP a distant third.
  • Best of these launches (the presentation) - TRIBE. IP was ok, that song with the chapter names was AWFUL!!! Elements could have come better
  • Best of these launches (originality) - Island People Mas deinfitley wins this with that 'moving stage!!!' TRIBE's 'birds' in cages was decent. Elements could have done more considering that 'Vegas theme!!!
  • Best of these launches (ticket price) - IP wins this @ $150 per ticket (prev masquerader nah!). TRIBE was second @ $220 and Elements was most expensive.
  • Best of these launches (value for money) - Elements wins with d multitude of free drinks that were on offer (ALL drinks were free!!!). TRIBE also had free drinks, but I didn't partake of much sooo other than the Cocktails I cyah really comment on this. IP comes in a distant thrid since drinks were 2-4-1 specials, good drinks eh but it competing with free drinks soo
  • Best of these launches (overall) - TRIBE!! I biased eh so doh quarrel with me! But I have to say that a couple friends got sick after attending TRIBE's launch soooo it loses points for that.
  • Began studying for the PMP exam...My God that is a lot of reading. 12 chapters geez an ages! I finish d book, but mih brain feels like it's fried a couple circuits now and then. Looking forward to that exam on 2008-10-20. Should be able to cool d brain a bit after that.
  • Social life has dwindled to almost zilch. Causes: hmmmmnnnn still to be determined, though I have my suspiscions.
  • Went to our annual Mayaro weekend, though this year it was in it became 'Mayaro HD: Tobago the new frontier!' This was aight, as usual there was a lil bacchanal (no long weekend with that many people would be normal without some issues right?!), I got sick raging fever an' all. Lots of alcohol, lots of time with friends, lots of time spent in and around a pool, more than 4 hours at the beach...downsides: that boat ride! Next time I going by plane.
  • Monitoring that crisis looming in the US..take a read of this article. These people have got some issues to resolve!
  • Oh and I resumed gym attendance...first time since August 19th 2008. Not bad, not bad...felt great. Aiming for three(3) days a week attendance minimum.

That's all for now.

Wish me luck in my exam and the run up to it which begins in earnest this evening!


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