Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Another sad day in T&T

Personally not much depresses me more than reading in the newspaper or hearing on the TV news of a woman/man being killed during or after a domestic dispute. Or hearing that a child or children, left in the care of another child/children was hurt or died. Or hearing that a man took the life of his child/children and then his own after a domestic dispute.

WTF is that all about?!
I have never, ever been in support of children being left in charge of other children. Children are NOT adults. And while many kids (think back to when you were a kid) think that they know sooo much, they are still kids. No child should be given the responsibility of taking care of other children. That is insanity! Where were the parents? The guardians? In the case yesterday it states that the children's mother was/is a single parent. Nothing wrong there. What disturbs me is that she had no problem with her 5 year old child having the responsibility of taking care of his younger sibling on the way home from school. A FIVE(5) year old with responsibilities other than playing, colouring, learning to interract with other kids, learning to read and write?!!! Are we living in some twilight zone that I wasn't aware of?

Domestic disputes: I don't deny that sometimes spouses get into arguments. It is natural, it happens. What I can't understand is that sooo many people seem ok with the expectation that violence is a natural outcome of such disputes. It is not acceptable in anyway or at anytime to hit one's partner because of an argument. It's the "if I can't have you then no-one can" way of thinking and that to me smacks of some serious mental problems...ah lie?
Then to top it off by killing a child because of such a dispute...cowardly. Everytime I hear of such things my first thought is ...'if you can't handle the stress of the situation seek help. Seek counselling (thank you Elder's for those sessions on what counselling really is all about), talk to someone: a priest, a friend, a family member, someone you are comfortable with, someone! Why kill an innocent child?!'

My $0.02...I could go on, but I have to do d people dem wuk.

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