Thursday, November 27, 2008

I am shells' procrastinating soul

In less than 90 days Carnival 2009 will be upon us.
In less than 50 days I will celebrate yet another birthday.
In less than 30 days Christmas 2008 will be here.

Am I prepared?
For Carnival: uh nope. Costume has only had downpayment paid. Have not been inside a gym in months, have not bought ANY accessories or anything to be used for Carnival Monday wear. However, I do plan to pay off that costume before the end of 2008...will provide an update when it has been done! Gym wise: there is a plan (and motivation) for me to commence spinn sessions at very least twice a week until Carnival. Last time I did that many spinn sessions all my clothes started falling off of my slimmer frame LOL. Monday wear: hopefully I'll get some inspiration from the many mnay websites, or magazines something. I'm not that creative but I think I can manage something.

For my birthday: should I or shouldn't I do something for my birthday? Ah not talking d family thing, or the lime with friends thing. I talking something memorable, something different!!! We'll see, or rather my financial situation will determine what, if anything, happens.

Christmas: again NOPE. I had a budget, I did (stop the snickering!). Somehow said budget was forgotten. Said budget would have included savings so that I would not be reeling from the one-two blow of paying for a major car service and car insurance on the same day!!! Said budget would have had a portion for birthday/holiday spending. Hmmmmmnnn wonder what that budget looked like. Gots to go dig that up. Hopefully all the automatic trasfers that were setup earlier this year covered some portion of what I need now. Have to find those balances!!!

So yes, I procrastinate. I am one of those who can and most likely will find an excuse not to do something today. I am lazy, trust me on this, I am a lazy soul. This is a life-ingranined habbit that living with a Type A personality mother and brother and close to OC-level neat freak sisters has not cured me of. It's chronic!! Could be my way of rebelling from all that structure...who knows.
I do have moments though, where I wonder if I have a split personality 'cause I can be frighteningly organised and efficient on occasion.

*sigh* I do feel a hyper efficient episode coming on. Heart beat speeding up, thoughts racing at a million miles per hour...all signs that my body is gearing up to be in uber-organised mode for a while. Let's see how long it lasts!

p/s:- yes the title is a 'Fight Club' reference. Wonder how many people got it.

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