Wednesday, April 01, 2009

TRIBE email: "C2K9 Thank you....Journey into 2010"

This is just one of the things that I like about TRIBE.
Acknowledgment that without people, they would be nothing.
It may be nothing more than just good P.R., but yuh know what ... it works! And it makes a difference.

Thanking you for 2009…
Journeying into 2010
To some, Carnival 2K9 is a distant fond memory of a Rollin' Road Party. To others, it's the beginning of a new journey venturing into new and undiscovered lands.
Once again, we would l like to extend our sincere THANK YOU for 'flocking together' and bringing our 2009 presentation of "Birds of a Feather" to life on the streets of Port-of-Spain. Without you, our Masqueraders, Sponsors, Service Teams, Volunteers, Committee Members, Family and Friends, we would have never taken flight. We could not have asked for a better 5th anniversary gift than your continued support. It was our pleasure providing you with
The Ultimate Carnival Experience, and hope that our impromptu Las' Lap was enjoyed by all.
We continue to be an innovative team that appreciates and understands the importance of your feedback, opinions and expectations. TRIBE continues to strive to provide new and exciting ideas and to make every moment, the most memorable.
2010 will be the year of discovery, where we follow a path to find new people, new cultures and new destinations. Our dedicated design team is in full creative mode and have already begun to bring their designs to life, and promises to make the journey well worth it!

Please note that our mas camp will be closed from

Wednesday 1st April to Monday 20th April 2009.

Our regular opening hours are:

Monday - Friday from 12 noon to 5p.m.

We are closed on weekends and public holidays.

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