Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Ah Collect mih Costume!!!

Collected my costume today...and it is GORGEOUS!!!
Not gonna post separate pics, cause Saucy has some here

Someone asked about fit:

  • The bra: I read that some folks had bra fit issues, but I took a 36C and it fits potential nipple issues (and I did some jumping and ting to test it out too!). Lots of string to tie it securely as well.
  • The belt: Having lost some weight since I measured back in August I was concerned about fit. But no worries here...the belt is in four different pieces and each is connected to the other via loops and Velcro.   So if it's just a couple inches that have to adjusted, either up or down, then you're ok. More than a couple inches and my advice is go to the Customer Service people and let them know (a friend got hers exchanged for a smaller band)

  • Leg pieces: never thought i might have issues...but since it's all one piece meant to fit as one around the entire length of your calf/shin , i'm thinking that some folks may have to do some cutting and adding ties.   This since the elastic thing used only stretches so far...and with boots, well you get my drift.
Sooo I cyah wait till Carnival :-)

p/s:- Sauce ah doing boots dis year eh...I've caved!
pp/s:- the pic is from Trinidad Carnival Diary

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