Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Spice Saga

A fellow blogger had some drama with her Spice costume collection this year.
I admire her restraint in not cussing Spice management and d entire set of them up in Hilton on each of the occasions that she went up there. With other folks, Spice's management and a good portion of their family tree would have felt the lash of a well-phrased, sweet cuss!

Read the entire saga here: Part 1 - Costume CollectionPart 2 - Really Spice? and Part 3 - Her Money (Ha Ha)

My opinion is that the damage done to Spice's reputation by this one experience by a blogger, and compounded by the various bad reviews sent in to Sauce's blog: Review 1, Review 2, Review 3, Review 4, Review 6 and Review 7 needs to be addressed. A business, like all things of this earth, is not infallible. Mistakes will be made. But how those mistakes are dealt with, is what often makes or breaks a business (Vista anyone?). Damage control via a functioning PR Department is often a requirement for a reason.

Spice: you are now under the glare of some very very bright lights. How will you address these allegations and come good in 2011?

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mimi said...

they won't...