Saturday, June 12, 2010

Plans for 2011 Carnival

Aight so band launching season for Carnival 2011 is right around the corner with Skulduggery kicking off the season on July 4th..
Carnival 2010 saw our group seriously divided with respect to band representation. A few played in IP, a few played in TRIBE and some others sat out the two days. Post 2010 Carnival a review was done and we decided to make a concerted effort to have ALL of the group play next year, preferably in the same band. Now it's to figure out what band:

  • TRIBE - some of us have never played before much less played with TRIBE
  •  IP - some of us were scarred by the 2007 IP fiasco, and have serious concerns regarding going back to them
  • Spice - after the reviews of folks' 2010 experiences, I for one have major concerns regarding that possible move
  • D'Krewe??
  • Pulse 8??
  • One of the new bands? - Yuma, Gems, Oasis oh my
Decisions, decisions, decisions...hmmm wonder how this'll all turn out.
Personally, I'm leaning towards remaining with TRIBE, giving IP a chance again, OR giving D'Krewe, Oasis or Yuma a try in that order.

What would you do?


HQ said...

I'm always gonna say Tribe first. LOL. I just think you always get your money's worth with them, and even when they mess up, it's never as bad as other bands IMO. IP and Spice are too much of a wild card for the amount of money you spend. I have heard good things about D'Krewe and at least you have a good chance of getting a wonderful & creative costume. I enjoyed the Pulse 8 road experience when I played with them way back when, but their costumes aren't the best. New band is definitely a roll of the dice, but if you go for a med sized one, you'll prob end up ok.

I say Tribe girl!! LOLOL

Carnival Divaz said...

I am willing to give Yuma a try next year, if I cannot get into Tribe. All of the people that have helped me out throughout the years whether in Tribe or IP is in Yuma.

IP has to come real good for me to even consider them.

shells said...

IP was pretty good this year, I was most impressed with the improvement over past years.

iDIGRESS said...

I am tempted to play with IP next year. Although I weren't sold on their presentation this year, I loved there presence on the road, especially their Monday wear.

I played Spice, it was all good until day two when the band leader and design team showed up in the best costumes in comparison to the rest of the band. It was an absolute f***ery.

Not sure about YUMA. I just reminded me of Spice.

shells said...

Thanks for the feedback folks...Personally I am leading towards remaining with TRIBE, giving YUMA a try or possibly returning to IP.