Sunday, July 25, 2010

TRIBE or BLISS where will you be??

Omg TRIBE and BLISS launched last night.
And ohhh what a launch. Pics are all over:

  • Bloggers- AC, Sauce's Media launch pics here and here. Sauce's launch pics here , and the reviews of both TRIBE and BLISS. And Sweet 7's post of the booklet
  • TRIBE's website. p/s:- good job on having the costumes up on the site so soon after the launch.
  • and of course on Facebook, here, here, here, here and here
Sooo what's my take. 
Well based on the viewing from last night, the ones that stand out to me are: Amazons, Massai/Tribal Warrior, Persian Gold, Mongol Fighters, Xian Warriors and Mayan Eagle. 
The ones that invite me to take a closer look are: 

Mongol Fighters

 Xian Warriors



Mayan Eagle

Sooo now for the prices!
Last year I predicted a 20% increase over 2009's prices and was pleasantly found to be incorrect... A 20% increase over 2010's prices will take backline costumes to somewhere in the vicinity of 4350. I not even gonna venture into what the increase in Frontline and individual costumes will be.

I await the release of the prices with bated breath...and I also await news of when the camp will open, 'cause some of those costumes need to be examined up close!

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