Wednesday, August 11, 2010

TRIBE prices - a look back

People seem shocked at the prices of TRIBE's costumes.
I am not!
My most recent post stated that, given a 20% increase that magically seems to be applied to things year after year, costume prices could be in the range of TT$4350.
If the prices on Saucy's post are the final prices then I am quite happy to be proven wrong. Dancing with glee actually...'cause it means I'll actually have change from the TT$4000 that I thought I would have to fork out!

A regular backline costume, without options, for the past three years have cost me as follows:

  • 2008: approx. TT$3,000
  • 2009: approx. TT$3,200
  • 2010: approx. TT$3,700
Sooo the TT$3800 average for the 2011 backline is quite ok for me.
Have my downpayment ready and waiting.

Will not mention the Frontline costume prices AT ALL!!! They speak for themselves.

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