Monday, September 13, 2010

Carnival 2011 Plans - Update 1

Soo back in June I posted about possible 2011 Carnival plans
Then, last week i posted this about me being registered in TRIBE for 2011.

What does this all boil down to as it pertains to plans for our group for 2011?
Same damn thing that happened in 2010...crew split all how.
I have anti-TRIBE friends, I also have friends that are chronic stickers, last minute, indecisive so-an-so's ..deep breath...exhale! Anyways, the combination makes for extreme headaches when trying to plan anything. Sooo I went ahead and registered to play with TRIBE (with my usual gfs). Then heard that some of them gonna be playing with YUMA (anti-TRIBE folk included) and some STILL have not decided what they gonna do...smh


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