Monday, February 21, 2011

Review 2011 - Panorama Semi-Finals

My rating scale: 0 to 5. 0 means not ever to be repeated EVER, 5 means best ever!

My first time attending Panorama semi-finals in the North Stand.
Anyways here goes.
 Fete/Event details:
  • Event: Panorama semi-finals
  • Promoter: Pantrinbago Inc.
  • Fete/Event Type: Pan competition, semi-final leg, Savannah Party
  • Date: February 20th 2011
  • Time: 9am till the last band play!
  • Venue: Queen's Park Savannah
The flyers: No official flyer, but there were many 'crew' flyers, here's a sample:

I was in North Stands. As mentioned, this was the first year that I've paid to go pan semis... My sis organised me with tickets and hooked me up with a crew. Trinidad Events' pan semis lime was my back-up in case things didn't come thru with my sis. I got there just about 1:30pm, had a little bit of hiccups with transport...but I made it :-)
  • First things first: where to park? Did not drive ...roads were blocked off all around d Savannah...People were able to park around the Savannah and inside as well. Not sure what the price was if any, but things looked pretty organised. Rating: n/a
  • Entrance: Big signs were posted here and there close to the entrances...BUT some signs directing folks to where things were would have been nice. E.g i entered the Savannah just north of TGI, so I knew I had a bit of a walk westwards and then north before I'd get to the North Stand entrance...but what about the foreigners, how were they to find their way about. Rating: 2.5 could do better
  • Layout: I can only speak of the North Stand layout but for this Pantrinbago deserves some credit. I LOVED the layout. Stands, imposing North stands high above the grounds, positioned nicely directly opposite the Grand Stands, close to the stage. Then directly behind the stands was an area for the BIG crews like Bmobile, Red Ants, Suppligen, Caesar's Army etc etc yuh get my drift. Bmobile had a stage setup in d middle where different performers did their do from time to time...I saw Kes, and heard that others were there as well. Bmobile's stage had the Pandigm electric pan folks setup and they provided entertainment. There was also a mechanical bull for those brave enough, or those that had had enough alcohol to not give a crap, to try to hold on. In front Suppligen's tent there was a mini stage as well, Iwer performed there. Bathrooms at both ends of the 'greens'. Soo many tents to visit and crews scattered all over. LOVED LOVED the layout! Rating: 4.5 (0.5 points lost due to the height of the stands...that was a LOT of stairs to be traversing)
  • Performances: Pan selections played by your favourite band, rhythm sections, live performances, music blasting from speakers all over ...oh gosh i'm surprised I can still hear at all! Rating: 4
  • Food: The spread was never-ending.. crews had pelau, roti and curry, alloo pies, finger foods, wings, friend chicken, there was doubles, geera, snacks from Holiday Foods and others and of course KFC ... oh gosh ah getting hungry! Rating: 5
  • Drinks: What wasn't available?! Carib had their Pilsner and Stag on tap, other crews had all kind of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks from johnny walker to rum, chasers like crazy, Tequila, even saw Champagne flowing! Rating - 4.5 
  • The event itself: this felt like a party, competition, meeting up old friends, former co-workers, meeting new 'friends'..all rolled into one big picnic/lime/party. This was epicness on a whole other level, loved it! Rating: 4
Fete/event rating: 4.5!

If this is how pan semis continues then I will soooooo be there next year and the year after and the year after!
So what's next? Carnival has continued to develop nicely.

p/s:- I have a couple reviews to post from other events... hope to post those soon.

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