Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Distribution Schedules are OUT!!!

By now many of you would have received THAT email. Yuh know the email, the email that makes hearts leap...'cause even after yuh went thru the stress/bliss/trauma/begging/pleading/ease of registering to play in THAT's when you check your inbox and that email is there, the one with the date to collect yuh costume....that's when the butterflies take flight, heart rate speeds up, and the adrenaline kicks in. Well that happened for me ok...even though I paid off mih costume already, that email is what brought it all home....gonna collect mih costume in the next few days...sigh

I am scheduled to collect my costume on Saturday February 26th 2011...yippeee!!!
Here's a compilation of the ones that I've seen so far:


Lovely...can't wait to collect!

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