Saturday, March 05, 2011

Carnival Saturday 2011

Masai Tribal Warrior
It's the ending hours of Carnival Saturday 2011.

  • Costume:
    • Have you collected your costume? 
      • How does it look? 
      • How does it fit?
      • Issues actual product vs. prototype?
      • Issues with collection??
    • Did you go to buy a costume today? Heard the camps were craziness...but that if you were patient, as in there at 8am and willing to wait, and wait, aaaaannnnnnndddddddddd wait, you would have been rewarded with a costume!
    • Monday wear in gear?
    • Who visited Wonderful World today to accessorize? 
      • OMG that was a little bit of craziness. Women in every little nook and cranny of that store, jostling for space to pick up that nail polish, see that bit of body jewellery, see that earring up close, "...nah that not going with my costume...", "...this one too blah, will make mih costume look bland...". Noise and lots of people, but cool.
      • My WW discount turned out to be a mere $20TT ...aww well, tis better than nothing eh. Someone in the store got quite a decent discount, 'cause folks were cheering, but I wasn't close enough to hear the actual amount.
    • Have you been breaking in your boots?
      • Mine are from last year. 
      • Collected my newly decorated boots from Afro Chic earlier today........and they are gorgeous, even after the hiccup that occurred! They go perfectly with my costume, thank you, thank you Afro Chic :-)
  • Who went Soca Monarch finals?
    • I attended this competition for the first time last night. 
    • The performers I picked won their respective categories. 
    • Well done Kes...yuh Wotless all how! 
    • To all the haters...LYRICS MACHEL!! 
Sooo I wait not so patiently for Carnival Monday to dawn...will be with TRIBE's 'The Way of the Warrior' on the road!

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