Wednesday, June 22, 2011

June too soon...HA!

It's June 2011 and here in T&T the rainy season has begun with a bang.
Almost every single day in T&T has had rain, in some part of the country...take today for example, I fell asleep to rain, woke up to rain, and it's been raining on and off... more on than off...since about 8am!

Anyways, onto other things.
Band launching season began last Saturday with D'Krewe's launching of their 2012 presentation 'Panache'.

Check out the pics over at Trinidad Events and in their FB album.

Other bands are poised to launch their 2012 presentation on the dates indicated:
  • Spice - July 9th at Pier 1. It's a cooler fete and the same night as Island People's Caution.
  • TRIBE - July 23rd
  • Dream Team - August 6th
  • Harts - August 12th at Anchorage
  • YUMA - August 13th

Still to announce dates are: Island People, Legacy, Ronnie & Caro, Oasis and others. Wonder what'll happen with all the 'new' 2011 bands?!

Sooo enjoy the remainder of rainy June and bring on the band launchings!

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