Thursday, June 23, 2011

"Nirvana - Dare to Dream" - the review

Feting in June.
A reminder: The rating scale goes from: 0 to 5. 0 means not ever to be repeated EVER, 5 means best ever!

Anyways here goes. Fete details:
  • Fete: Nirvana - Dare to Dream
  • Promoter: The event page on FB listed names, but not an actual committee.
  • Fete Type: Premium Drinks inclusive
  • Date: June 22nd 2011
  • Time: 10pm to 4am
  • Venue: The Stage
The flyers:

My sis and her friends were the ones who told me about this fete. Night before the holiday, free drinks, ON THE STAGE?! What was there not to entice me...sooo here goes the review.
  • First things first: where to park? No problem at all. The promoters sent this in an FB message "Hi everyone for Nirvana tonight it is very simple:
    your entering the Savannah from the South side/Grandstand entrance of the savannah. This entrance is directly opposite Ministry of Foreign Affairs and/or Chaud restaurant. Drive towards the grandstand and TURN RIGHT. DRIVE around the EASTERN side of the grand stand and proceed straight as you come around the corner. you will see the venue entrance as well as the carpark entrance there. NIRVANA carpark is situated were the NORTH STAND would normally exist for carnival. The entire area is paved so no need to worry about mud. SEE YOU THERE"
    Then to top it off, when we were actually driving in there were signs pointing you to where to park. Great touch, despite the awful spelling and grammar. Rating: 5
  • Entrance: The entrance was draped in white, 'fog' was bubbling up from a mini-fountain, disco-spotlights were rotating and providing a funky lighting effect. Hosts/hostesses greeted you, put the usual band around your wrists and wished you 'have fun'...hope you designated a driver. Rating: 4
  • Layout: This fete was held on the stage. Well to tell the truth it wasn't actually on the stage per se. The set up was just in front of the grand stand. Lets start with the bars, the many many bars, they didn't lie bout that nah. Hennessy was distributed from a booth just to the right of the entrance. Immediately to the right on entering was the food station and Tao Sushi. Just down from that was the normal bar. Beers, rum, soft-drinks, water etc were being served there. To the left was the Cold Stone booth, another general bar, then Johnny Green and Johnny Gold bars. These were followed by the Ciroc booth. In the middle was an elevated area about four/five steps up. The Stage. As you got up there you came face to face with the Jaggermeister booth, and at the other end was the Nuvo booth. The DJ, special effects, sound system, lighting were all in the middle of this stage. Bathrooms were to the back of the entire area...normal porta-potties, but with lots of attendants so they were kept relatively clean and decent smelling, with the stalls being stocked with TP regularly and running water and soap readily available. Yes these things matter lots to me! Rating: 4 
  • Performances: No live performances. But the DJs oh the DJs...apart from a back in times set that went on for just a little bit too long, it was steady vibes. DJ Private Ryan was the main DJ and he was so hyped...people even continued partying in the drizzle and then in the downpour that came down around 3am. Rating: 4.5
  • Food: Sushi, chicken and fries, bake and shark. I only had the sushi though. Rating: 4
  • Drinks: For this I'll just list the drinks menu: Johnnie Walker Gold, Johnnie Walker Green, Johnnie Walker Double Black, Johnnie Walker Black, NUVO, Ciroc vodka, Belvedere vodka, Hennessey, Jagermeister, GoldSchlager, Two Fingers Tequila, Tanqueray gin, Angostura Single barrel, Baileys, Fernandes Black label, White Oak Rum, Carib Pilsner Light and a SHOTS BAR. I had Nuvo, Ciroc, Johnny Gold and water! Rating - 5
Fete rating: 4.5

This was a good one-off, free drinks fete...rain and all it was fabulous!
BTW: Five stairs to navigate after about 5 drinks meant there were many stumbles, no-one got hurt from my observations, but it seemed most ladies came prepared, heels were in the minority!

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