Friday, August 19, 2011

Band Launch Reviews

This post is overdue, but yuh know what, better late than never.
Thus far I have attended launches for TRIBE, Island People and YUMA.

Rating scale: 0 (awful, awful)  to 5 (fantabulous concept and delivery)

  • Venue
    • TRIBE - Queen's Park Savannah. (5)
    • Island People - Bowen Marine, Chaguaramas (aka the hole!) (3.5)
    • YUMA - Pier 2, Chaguaramas (aka the hole!) (4)
  • Parking
    • TRIBE - not a problem, the Savannah after all (5)
    • Island People - on the road's surrounding the venue. 'Parkng attendants' stalking yuh for 'a lil something'..not cool at all! (3)
    • YUMA - half of Pier 2, getting out of there was a b!tch (4)
  • Stage
    • TRIBE - Clear view of stage from just about everywhere. Except if you setup camp behind the sound/camera tower which was smack dab in the centre. (4)
    • Island People - Kinda odd. Stage was quite high and had an elevated section with lots of scaffolding. That scaffolding affected picture taking by all but the photographers who were closest to the stage. (3)
    • YUMA - LOVED this concept. A central normal stage, with a 'catwalk/runway' around the venue. Great concept for all patrons to get a good view of the costumes. Points only lost because lighting on the runway was not the best for taking pictures (4.5)
  • Drinks
    • TRIBE - semi-free drinks i.e. Rum, Beers, vodka, certain brands of other drinks. Bars on both sides and in the back. Angostura Rum Cocktail bar had a presence. (4)
    • Island People - semi-free drinks i.e. Rum, Beers, vodka, certain brands of other drinks. Two bars, and one didn't begin serving until about an hour after we arrived, oh and NO HEINEKEN...meh! (3)
    • YUMA - premium free drinks. But Nuvo ran out :-( (4.5)
  • Food
    • TRIBE - Tao shushi, usual stuff. Food stalls were setup slightly to the right of the entrance, easy to traverse, no congestion. (4)
    • Island People - Tao shushi, gyros, doubles. Shushi and doubles were setup near the entrance, unobtrusively off the pathways. Gyros were in the middle of the passageway heading towards the bathrooms..why? (3.5)
    • YUMA - Only noticed gyros, in an easily accessed area... (3)
  • Presentation Concept and Execution
    • TRIBE - theme "Take me to...". 'Flight Attendants' brought on the costumes, felt kinda like a travel promotion, generic modelling of costumes(3.5)
    • Island People - theme "Heroes". Great presentation concept. All about the heroes fighting the scourge of villains who have been threatening 'Westopia'. The Big Boss was 'Cyclops' (4.5)
    • YUMA - theme "Press Play". Generic modelling of costumes...with the noted exception of the 'Call of duty' models who marched on in their military inspired costumes (3.5)
  • Costumes
    • TRIBE - siiiighh...could have been better. Some wowed, others bleh, For the theme I really expected over the top fabulousness. I have seen better from TRIBE...oh and only frontlines were presented. (3)
    • Island People - another siiiiighhhhh...what in the world were the designers smoking when they drew these designs, then who d a$$ approved the designs and then inhaled some strong ish by actually making these prototypes. Spandex leggings in 2011?!!! Admittedly they are currently working on a redesign, but judging from the costumes launched...bleh One or two costumes saved this from being a total mess.(2)
    • YUMA - le sigh. Firstly, how did they decide which games to use? Next, how'd the come up with the colour palette after deciding on games to be represented. Then...why oh why are the backlines so bland. the frontlines far outshine these backlines. Doh get me wrong, costumes are nice, but I am loving the FLs waaaaaay more than any of the BLs that were presented.(4)
  • Launch Party
    • TRIBE - as usual it's a party. Kes performed, people enjoyed themselves (3.5)
    • Island People - good music, great energy, the stage was advantaged by guys! (4)
    • YUMA - great music, great energy, that runway became a dance floor, the stage was bum rushed for an impromptu conga-line (5)
Overall Ratings (average of all scores)
  • TRIBE - 4
  • Island People - 3
  • YUMA - 4

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