Thursday, August 25, 2011

IPMas 2012 - Heroes

Island People Mas' 2012 presentation is titled 'Heroes'.
As mentioned in my Band Launch Review post, many of the costumes presented were horrendous!

Since the launch, IPMas has done something very very commendable.
They reviewed the feedback on their Facebook page. Noted that many many masqueraders  were discouraged and disappointed by the designs portrayed.

What did IPMas do in reaction?

They decided to publicly involve the public in 'saving' the costumes that they liked. The ones that had the most 'likes' remained...the others went back to the drawing board. The Heroes that survived! A new 'Hot' designer was brought in to revamp the ones that got cut...and at this time we wait to see these revamped designs.

In the meantime IPMas' customer service machine continued rolling on.

  • They provided a BB pin so that you have access to their 'Customer Service team': BBM Pin: 26F2C41 
  • They also recently announced 'pre-registration' doh get tie up, dis not NOT something new to Carnival, and it is in no means something only done by one or two bands. ALL dem bands do it, some allow it for 'certain' number of spots, others do it for 'specific sponsors', others for 'family/friends/long-time supporters'. For 2012, bands just seem to be more open about it, and allowing all the available spots to be filled via pre-registration.  Ok, back to IPMas...they publicly announced pre-registration via email as follows
IPMas offers Pre-Registration Opportunity!
IPMas 2012 is all about giving you real vibes on the road, stunning costumes, and exceptional customer service. We thank you for your enthusiasm and patience as we prepare to give you everything you’ve asked for!
As we put the finishing touches on the new and revamped costumes, we’ve been receiving numerous requests from people anxious to register even before seeing the new Heroes. Due to the curfew in Trinidad, we will be releasing the new costumes and opening our mas-camp for full registration on Monday 29th August. Until then, we are offering you a Pre-Registration opportunity which guarantees your top costume choice while saving you some cash.
Here's how it works:
  1. Starting Thursday 25th August at 12 noon, Past Masqueraders will be able to Pre-Register online at or at the IPMas mas-camp for an open-section registration. New masqueraders will be able to Pre-Register from Friday 26th August at 12 noon.
    1. To help ease the tension during the State of Emergency, we’re giving you a $100TT/$15US discount off your costume when you Pre-Register before Monday 29th August.
  2. Select a costume or select “open costume” and pay the discounted deposit of:
    $1100TT/$185US Backline & Males
    $1500TT/$250US Frontline
  3. When we release the new costumes next week, you will finalize your registration by picking the costume of your choice. (Registrations will be finalised in the sequence corresponding with your Pre-Registration number.)
Note: Although we haven’t released our prices yet, we can tell you that they range from:
Frontline: $4,995 TT - $5,995 TT
Backline: $2,995 TT - 3,995 TT
Male: $2,895TT - $3,395 TT
Once again, you’ve asked for it and we’re happy to listen to your requests and cater to your needs. Thank you for your input, we love having you as part of the team shaping your 2012 IPMas experience.
For more info please contact us through our Facebook Page, our BBM (Pin 26F2C411), Phone868.622.8145 or shoot us an email at Our mas-camp is located at 50 O’Connor street on the corner of Warren Street in Woodbrook. It is open until 6pm.
IPMas…Real Vibes!!!
IPMas: allyuh seem to be addressing the one part of the band I have always hated and I applaud the efforts. Even if is just really really good has been noticed.

Well done...and keep it up!

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