Sunday, September 04, 2011

Carnival customisation services 2012

Over the past few years reading Sauce's blog I kept seeing post after post on decorating boots, bras, Monday wear options, blinged out cups etc etc. Other than boot decorating I was not even aware that people did all these things for Carnival Monday and Tuesday.

Yep, I was a Carnival Diva n00b!.

Last year was the first year I even wore boots to play mas...this year I had my boots decorated to complement my costume.
Mayan Eagle boots
The question now arises: do I have my boots decorated again for 2012? Do I do anything else?
My answers: Yep...gonna go the route of boot decorating again for 2012, already signed up. Not sure about the other.
In general I tend to be one of the many vest and hot shorts Carnival Monday masqueraders, and cups to me need to be more functional than anything else. The one thing that matters quite a lot to me is having a decent bag to carry stuff on the road...Giving this some thought.

Carnival customisation services currently available from Afro Chic and Carnival Divaz...check 'em out! If you know of others feel free to share links in the comments.

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