Thursday, September 08, 2011

2012 Registered...and more

Got that official receipt email the other day..I am registered to play in TRIBE 2012. Section will be revealed at a later date though.

These are my fav TRIBE costumes

TRIBE - Cyprus (Fl)

TRIBE - Ibiza (Bl)

TRIBE - Sun City (Bl without collar)

TRIBE - Vegas (Bl, collar is standard)

As usual, I am not playing with a 'crew'...too many people, too many variables, too much, too muuuch. The 'crew' is in YUMA. There are my fav YUMA costumes...

YUMA - Call of Duty (Fl with Collar)

YUMA - Angry Birds (Fl)

YUMA - Tyris (Fl)

YUMA - God of War (Premium Fl)

YUMA - Luxor (Bl)
TRIBE costume pics are from TRIBE's FB album, whilst YUMA's pics are from Triniscene and T&T Carnival Costume Photos

On to Island People...we all know that IP launched and presented some serious wtf costumes. Then they did a redesign/revamp. The result has been some of the sexiest costumes I've seen in a while. Here are some that I like.

IP - Ki (Fl)
IP - Sun Re (Bl),
Throw in a fab headpiece and this would be gorgeous!

IP - Element (Bl with collar)

IP - Xenon (Fl)

IP - Azula (Fl with Backpack)
IP's pics are from their FB album

Hands down my absolute favorite costume this year between TRIBE, YUMA  and IP is Azula's Frontline WITH the backpack.

Hmmmm...notice a trend?

Next time I'll post my favs from another three bands.

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