Monday, October 24, 2011

K2K Alliance 2012 Presentation "The Waters – Seas of Consciousness”

This band launched a while back and can be found at their website and on facebook
Their concept to seems to be haute coutre of the marse-style bands.

The depiction of the prototypes on the models all link to the theme and the section names. Should be interesting to see this translated to a full band on the road.

This costume appeals to me the most

Something about it...just calls my name :-)

My only issues:
1. OMG those prices...they average just around $4000. Yes, they're all-inclusive, but they're a NEW band. They still have to prove themselves on the road.
2. '...snap-crouch bodysuit...': that phrase was repeated for many of the section descriptions. I have never ever professed to be an English major but I do believe that should have read '...snap-crotch...' It bugs me because of the number of times it's repeated.

I wait to see how this band delivers on the road.

2011-11-02 edit:- The '..snap-crouch..' typo has been changed. Have they read my blog post...hmmm!

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