Thursday, November 03, 2011

Carnival 2012 Countdown is on...

It's just over 100 days till Carnival Monday 2012!

Some things to ponder:

  • Have you registered in that section/band of your choice?
    • What are ya waiting on?! 
    • There are soooo many options to choose from, bikini and beads bands, traditional-mishallesque, alternative and haute coutre. Lots and lots to choose from
  • Started looking at, or already purchased your boots? 
    • Are ya going boots, or some other footwear option?
    • Gonna get them decorated to complement that gorgeous costume?
  • Talking bout boots...are ya gonna go diva with anything else? 
    • Cups, bags, Monday wear, accessories, stockings...going down that route? How far?
  • Started that 'carnival body' programme
    • enrolled in gym
    • bought those P90X or Insanity DVDs
    • started's not all about best body, if you can't last the entire day!
    • monitoring portions, cutting back on the junk (nooo i will NOT eliminate it completely!), cutting back on carbs and flour (sigh...this may make be cry!)
    • scaling back on soft-drink intake, increase the amount of water you drink
  • Those overseas: 
    • have you booked that flight to T&T?
    • where are ya gonna stay? 
    • By now, both of these things should be booked...or at least reserved awaiting final downpayment
  • T&T residents
    • planning to stay at one of the hotels/guest houses/apartments in and around PoS?
    • Have you booked yet?
Above all this...have you determined your budget for carnival 2012? Are you planning to stick to a budget?
  • Costume cost
  • Costume accessories including boots
  • Fete options...planning to do all-inclusives, public fetes only, or budget-friendly. Or are you gonna forgo feting altogether? And if ya feting...what are ya wearing? 
  • Accomodation
  • Transport
  • Other Carnival limes
Hope I've given you some food for thought and spurred you to get a move on if you've lapsed anywhere.

The countdown is on...tick, tick, tick!


HQ said...

This list embarrasses me. I'm very behind this year!

ttshells said...

Doh worry nah HQ...I'm not my usual ultra-prepared self either. It'll work out somehow