Sunday, January 22, 2012

Less than a month to go...

Just about 28 days to day till Carnival Monday 2012

I made an impromptu visit to Wonderful World yesterday. If I didn't know better I would have sworn Carnival was next week! If yuh see people...buying glittery stuff, makeup galore, and d giveaways..papa yo.
One of the giveaways was a 'lookbook' (received with purchase of $99 and over)...this was essentially pages and pages of items sold in Wonderful World, with pictures of several costumed young ladies accessorized by the items advertised on other pages. Bands represented included: TRIBE, BLISS, Harts, Island People, Spice and Fantasy. (yes a noted band is missing...why?!)

I love sooo many of the accessories, and just hope that people remember that this was just a 'lookbook' with is not meant to be followed down to the last stone, and false eyelash!

Anyways, this post was a reminder to myself: go make that last payment on the costume, make my list of items to be packed (take some notes from Saucy's 2009's still relevant) and then find myself to wherever to get mentioned essentials.

Who feting this weekend...have fun, and ah hope none of allyuh guilty of these fashion don'ts

Laters all...time is waiting for none of us!

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