Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

Sooo what I'm a couple days late...better late than never!

Hope your Christmas was Merry (we still in the Christmas season btw...thus gifts are still welcomed!!)
Hope your Ole Years into New Years celebrations were as expected, and best wishes that '...the worst of 2012, is better than the best of 2011..' to paraphrase a greeting I received

So anyways, that's two countdowns done...two to go.
The birthday is exactly 8 days away...What do I do this year?
Some thought is required for this...I generally don't do the massive celebration thing...but somehow I feel the need to do something, I doh know, special, this year.
We'll see what pans out.

And Carnival, that ohh so lovely time of year is all of 46 days away...take a deep breath.
Yes...46 days...a month and a couple weeks...a mere 6 weeks and a couple days away.
Typing that made me feel both excited and slightly panicked at the same time.
Costume still has to be paid off, what fetes am I going I feteing at all?!!!
Monumental things, that I still have to determine...siiiiigh!

Bring it on 2012...let's see what you've got in store :-)

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