Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Countdown is ON!

It is December 20th  2011...

There are 4 days, I repeat, FOUR DAYS, till Christmas 2011!
Go finish Christmas shopping now!
Finish clean the house, baking still has to be done...
Who delivering pastelles for me?

Whether you celebrate the ending of the year, or the ushering in of the new...there are 11 days left to get there.
You celebrating at home, at a friend, in Church or at one of those parties?
I'm a bit undecided still, but I will attend Mass, either Ol' Years night or early New Year's morning.

My birthday is in early January.
Thus folks are usually still broke as hell from the Christmas season and/or skimping and scraping every penny to fete/play mas for Carnival by the time my birthday rolls around.
I am therefore not too picky regarding gifts...a great Christmas gift (which can meet the requirements of 2 gifts in one), a fantabulous birthday gift (thus making up for the non-receipt of a specific Christmas gift), a couple fetes tickets OR pay off my costume.

Ah giving allyuh options...muah!

Carnival is on February 20th and 21st 2012...61 short days away from now!
Are you registered? Have you switched bands/sections?
How far are you from paying off that costume?

Are you getting in shape? Cardio, Strentgh training, endurance training?

How' your cash flow situation?
It's a short season...fetes piling up two and three to a night.
Don't believe me, check out Ticket Federation's schedule
Now seriously...how many fetes can you attend?
Financially, how many is it even possible to pay for?

tick, tock, tick, tock...time is not waiting...get a move on!

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