Tuesday, January 06, 2009

It has begun

Happy New Year people...All the best for 2009!!

In less than two(2) months it'll be Carnival Monday. If you haven't already made your list of things that are to be done, DO IT NOW!!

So far I'm planning to be at two(2) fetes over the next couple weekends (God willing): Amnesia on Jan 11th and ONE fete on Jan 18th. Total cost to attend these: $1100TT...I'll give you a moment to absorb that...They are both all-inclusives, and usually quite good, but waaaaaay that is a lot of money. Sooo if I don't see anyone till the week just before Carnival please understand. At this rate I'll probably attend a cooler fete and one other fete and fete budget DONE.

Bring on Carnival...I can see that people are gonna have to be innovative/creative finding ways to enjoy themselves this Carnival without breaking the bank. I look forward to seeing some of that famed trini creativity.

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