Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Carnival update...

So after seeing Saucy's post on Tights in stock I set off for Micles, Price Plaza yesterday.
That was an exercise in patience. Usually there are soooo many sales staff on the floor you have to keep politely tell them to take a hike. Yesterday was a whole other story...I spent almost five (5) entire minutes trying to locate a sales person.
After that the process of identifying colour, which by now I should know right? Anyways, colour determined...BTW my colour is salmon, size determined using that chart on the back of one of the display packs, then it was to locate my size in the stock. That was nerve-wracking.
  • Plus size normal tights - salmon: lots and lots of pairs!!! All too big for me
  • Normal tights - salmon in large: none
  • Low waist tights - salmon in large: none
  • Low wait tights, toeless - salmon in large: four pairs
I bought two(2) pairs. One for Monday maybe, defintely one for Tuesday.

Tights - check!


Malicious Jade said...

Congrats on getting your tights Shells.

Ms. Sexy said...

This is crazy. by the time i reach to trini there will be no tights left.

shells said...

Ms. Sexy: my experience was in the Price Plaza branch of Micles. Generally their Carnival stock of tights is smaller than the other branches. My advice: when you do come in, check the Port-of-Spain, West Mall or Trincity branches first. Or if you want to play it ultra-safe get a friend in Trini to purchase them for you, but they'll need to know yuh height, weight and shade(of stocking).

p/s:- If you are in one Micles branch, they will call another branch to check on availability of an item...but yuh have to ask.