Monday, February 02, 2009

2009 Carnival update..part 2

Another update, this time not good news.

Due to the economic climate in the US one of my cousins has had to make the painful decision to not play mas for 2009. This hurt her tremendously as this would have been her first year being here for Carnival. Just a couple weeks ago she was sooo excited about coming in and even had her flight booked and stuff. At this time though, with her job in jeopardy she won't be here. To say I'm bummed about that is an understatement.

Another casualty is my brother. This would have been his first year 'officially' playing mas. He's always on the road with us (his sisters), or with his friends. He actually decided to play for 2009. But due to the timing of payments for his studies he is not able to play this year either.

This news sucks a$$...

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