Monday, February 09, 2009

D Stage is back...

...or is it?

After complaining bitterly of not having a stage to cross on by the Savannah on Carnival Monday and Tuesday for the past two years (2007 and 2008), when I saw this blog entry by Wining Kriminals I was pleased, sceptical, and more than a little wary.

Went and checked out the article and sure amidst all the items mentioned this line stood out "...The stage is complete. It is 136 by 60 feet, which excludes the ramps which are 50 by 60 feet each..." Is it true?! Did it survive Panorama semis?? Anyone went Pan semis???

Need confirmation of if it'll actually be used... doh want to get all excited and happy for nothin'.

Picture coutesy Trinidad and Tobago's Newsday.


mimi said...

it probably is that size but we not crossin it.

shells said...

So I sad!