Wednesday, February 18, 2009

2009 Valentine weekend recap

Whew ..what a weekend I had.
Started with Army fete on Friday night into Saturday morning, ended with rain, LOTS and LOTS of rain. Collected my costume and went AC7 as well.

Let's start at the beginning:

Army Fete: d safest fete in d world!
We got there around 10.30ish, entered via the entrance opposite TGIF around d savannah. Parked and then proceeded north and then east across the STAGE!! Yes people dat stage is's not nearly as big as the previous ones, but who gives a SH!T..I just hope it dere come Carnival Monday and Tuesday eh...
This is either my third or fourth year going this. VIP or V.VIP, doesn't's a comp, so I not fussy once I didn't have to pay for the ticket. Oh an' as long as its not in general...dat crowd lil too big and boisterous for me.
An elevated platform viewing area...unobstructed view of the stage. Bar stools and chairs set up to allow for dining under the stars.
Corn coup, wings, bar-b-q, macaroni salad, bar-b-q pork, and other dishes that I didn't sample. Tents setup for if yuh wanted to sit under shelter (very very useful cause it started drizzling into the night). Lots and lots of drinks, I sipped on Alize all night :-)
Ok moving on from mih belly... d performances, can't recall the order of all eh so I'll just mention d ones that stood out for any reason. Iwer mash up as usual, Supa Jigga needs to stop wearing tights, some trini-dancehall artisite (didn't get his name), they all came on with KMC who in my opinion still needs to learn how to do a proper LIVE performance. He sounds sooo much better on CD or on d radio.
was clothed for a change and looked good. Decent act, but for her 'Obsessive Winers' song Saucy wasn't there...why even bother performing it. Allison Hinds did her part well, but let's see here: Destra backside vs. Allison backside or Saucy's backside moving skills...come come Destra, yuh not even in dat race!! Destra and her band did aight...1st time I saw her perform live for the season so not bad at all. NB:- Saucy did come on by herself a lil later on.
Faye Ann, Bunji, Benjai, Scarface all came on with Asylum. 3suns also came on, and almost took over d act from Bunji et al. An honorary thing was given to Supa Blue, and I give him credit for attempting to perform a lil somethin' with Faye Ann...but to jump to the other part of a stage..after it had drizzle. Not well though out at all. Den to even suggest dat Faye Ann join yuh?! All in all good went on a lil too long though.
There were random acts thrown in like Crazy (?why?), Hunter and a couple others.
Rating: 3.5 out of 5

What can I say about AC7 that hasn't already been said by other reviewers? It's a Machel concert when it all boils down to the nitty gritty. It started with Karma (missed most of that performance though), went on to have Ventures (who you should see perform alone..they're quite decent) with Benjai and Scarface (those two again!), up next was Shurwayne and Y.O.U. then d healine Machel Montano HD. It was all in all TOO LONG! I got bored waiting for Shurwayne to perform, then got bored again 'cause his performance just kept going on...den during HD's performance I kept thinking geez when is it gonna end.
For a show/concert dat I was not soo interested in attending in d first place, it was aight. not fabulous, not bad. And as for all d drama with MM and SW...I would have had a tiff with SW as well...just not in public as HD did.
Notice I made no mention of either food or drinks: nuff said!
Rating: 3 out of 5

Costume Collection: TRIBE - African Lovebird
Still had a balance to pay off, so we did our best to get there early. We made it by 1:30pm..not bad, not bad. Waited for a few mins under d tent in d car park, then was called in to the waiting area. Called to go pay, then collection of costume. Almost forgot about d collar for mih costume..had to go back to get it. We were out of there by about 2:15pm or so.

Doh laugh...dat's where I was supposed to be on Sunday evening (Ended up going movies instead LOL). Of course by now you know dat it was first psotponed to 2009-02-16, then a further update was sent out. It's been post-poned to Carnival Saturday 2009-02-21. Same time, same place. Nope I won't be there... Sorry!

What's in store for this week...God alone knows. Did my hair yesterday, it took sooooooooo long! But I likes it :-)

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