Tuesday, January 13, 2009

TRIBE makup options

For those of you that follow the Carnival blogs, will know of Carnival Jumbie's post yesterday and then The Sauce's post today.

I saw both, and being an advocate of "yuh never know unless yuh ask"...I emailed the artist about make up options for African Love bird. Yesterday I was politely but firmly told that " Right now i haven't received many requests for African LoveBird. If i receive a few more i will definitely do it . I will keep you posted". Cool...no problem, at least I got a response.
Sometime today I got another email from the artist stating " I have decided to do a package as I have received many requests. I will send pictures as soon as i put it together." Seems that there have been multiple requests since my own request yesterday.

However it happened... YAY!!! Can't wait for those pics :-)

p/s:- The pic is courtesy www.carnivaltribe.com

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